#Day 231 of 231

After days of successes and failures, the 231 days come to and end and so does the year 2017. Net weight loss – 5kg out of the target 20. I am at a positive deficit. Also, the one important lesson I carry forward to 2018 is that whenever I excuse myself saying I can not do this/that, I will poke myself with a “why?”, and then a “why?” again and once again… until I force myself to believe that I can and all those were just excuses.

2017 is beheld in me for a lifetime – it’s memories flowing like a current of fresh water within me, sweeping me off my grounds into a new life. This is my last New Year celebration at my house. Even the smallest of things seem overwhelming. There’s a slight nervousness inclusive to my happiness. I want to be excited about life with Dude in 2018 and beyond, but I am restrained by the chains of my childhood, teenage, growing up and through till date with Mom, D and BB. I am in double minds on what to feel.

2017 has been brilliant and super exciting –

Jan 2017 – Dude & I realised how much we wanted to be together;

Mar 2017 – I bent the knee & he said “yes” πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Jun 2017 – we got roko-fied

Jul 2017 – we picked our rings πŸ’πŸ’

Sept 2017 – my bachelorette in Goa

Nov 2017 – D & I picked my wedding dress

Dec 2017 – I am already counting 31 days until the wedding functions start

I loved the 2017 year – howsoever each day had been – hectic, stressful, Happy or fun. The bigger picture is painted interesting and looks adventurous. I am happy and thankful for it.

Anticipating and preparing for another joyous exciting year – 2018.



#Day 220 of 231

I haven’t felt like posting anything in a long long time. 20 days to be precise. Call it an excuse or a reason – I wasn’t upto the mental speed. Circumstances (which per the Bollywood definition mostly highlight a tough note to the real life situation), suffocating work life and more than ever me fidgeting my way out of all. I haven’t been to the gym in 10 days. My spirit went out for a stroll to feel the holidays before I could move out of my mess πŸ™„.

I am desperately waiting for this weekend and maybe then I shall breathe free. I sincerely hope so.

I have so missed reading and blogging in this time – it was like a part of me was a miss. But without my spirit I just couldn’t. Finally, I can see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. And I mean to reach that end asap. In less than two months I will set off for a different and new experience. Combine my happiness with a bit of nerves and you would imagine how pumped I am. Approximately, in another 7 weeks I will see through my transition from Miss to Mrs. The thought spins my heart – it’s a big deal. But I am very happy. I have Dude with me.

To update you, I had gained a lot of weight back in the last 25 days. Out of that, I managed to reduce some through sensible eating mostly. As I say, it’s an everyday effort. There’s no start stop button to Diet or healthy living. It’s a way of life and I am glad I took it up. It saves me every time I miss the track.

Ohh I missed this place. It’s so good to be back.


#Day 199 of 231

I am back to my home based diet. After all the contemporary effective diets, I am finally back to my home food, that I missed the most during this time. My body has pretty much forgotten how to metabolise it, is giving me troubles; but mom says it will get back in shape. The last reported 5kg gain is really annoying me. After all the efforts put, the flab is quite frustrating and unacceptable – especially now when the wedding is so near.

But no worries, I will get this genie back in the bag. I know.

At least I am happy now – back to my staples. Putting to use what all I learnt these 6 months. I am confident this time. I am not even listening to my critics. I am sticking to the good I know and the better I learnt to reach where I destine.



#Day 196 of 231

I left Keto and gained 5kgs back – back to pre keto era. Irony of my life is that though we have almost 6 months of scorching hot summers, I sweat a lot too; but nothing affects the fat under my epidermis. πŸ™„ And all this time, science said that fat melts in heat. Blah!!!

Nonetheless, it’s a heart WARNING fact that carbs isn’t a friend to me. Bbye potatoes, rice and all the starchy things around. 😩

Sensitivity to diet is a lifestyle I adopt. I may eat fat but carbs is a no! Fitness is not to be compromised now or ever.

Tomorrow is legs day!


#Day 194 of 231

What do I write? I am at loss of thoughts today. Time flies fast. It’s almost a journey done – few more days left to go and call out the roads end. It’s exciting and I am nervous all at the same time.

6 months after, I am no more shy of cardio, my stamina is so much better, my body is toned – all this and I am still not slim. But tonight, I am not shy of that. I never thought if I’d even do this all seriously. I am happy that I took up so many new steps to work on my health and am even surprised that I pulled those off better than what I had actually expected. Now I am even more watchful of my diet and my health.

It’s a very good change and I like it.

These 6 months have not been a total failure. I have learnt a lot and I have adapted a lot. I await the time now when I will reach my ideal weight and a perfect health goal.




#Day 191 of 231

Finished another major project last night. Today I was anti-work. Not only me but my laptop too refused to work; it wouldn’t start. I did some basic cardio too at the gym today. Another thing that happened, was as I have started eating carbs, I feel bloated throughout the day and then it is difficult to eat anything else through the day. So I checked again with my keto group. They said that carbs now will bloat me bcz the body the used to digesting proteins and fat. The bloat is a worse feeling, by the way.

So I will continue to cut my carbs through the day and stick to proteins and fat majorly in my diet. I am not a fan of the bloat anyway.




#Day 189 of 231

So I did not wear my pink saree on Sunday. I couldn’t carry it off. The blouse was so loose – it would ride up anytime I take my hands up in the air. I was uncomfortable. 😊

But yea my stomach too looked big in that. So no thanks. I need to work on this belly. I am more confident in my skin than usual but there’s a lot more work to do here. I am trying to follow a more organic diet under mom’s supervision these days. No eggs/meats, lots of milk/curd, fresh fruits and vegetables and less of roti/rice. I feel good and fresh. Within this week I will be more streamlined into it. Not only that, I note a change in my food choices when I am out.

I like it πŸ™‚