Honey to the Moon: Part 1: Kaziranga

After our marriage, I am Dude’s proclaimed forever and after ‘Honey’ and we are on our honeymoon. In 8 days we will cover three mesmerising spots of the North East of India and I log the blog with our experience.

For our first stop, we take off for the Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is 250km away from the Guwahati airport. I can add the full formal name of the the airport but that will be too GK trivia type. To reach our lodge we hired a private cab from the airport and set off on a 4 hour long drive. Being sleep deprived from the previous night we slept through most of the drive, however, woke up just in time to witness our entry to the national park area. The highway, or locally known as the main road, cuts the forest and wide lawns through the middle. From the far away road, we spotted a minute rhino and a few buffaloes grazing in the wide green to our left.

We drive a few miles further and reached the ‘Wild Grass Lodge’ some 500 meters to the right from the main road. The lodge is some 30 years old construction and they are still expanding. The owner lives in the Guwahati city but comes often to meet the guests and oversee the general management of the resort. The interiors of the lodge resembles a hunters house from the old 80’s Bollywood movies – only with wooden cut heads and fake skins of the animals. It definitely adds a wild touch to the place. Between the two residential and one main building on the property there are lush lawns spotted with racks of pickle jars baking in the heat and pet lambs. We were starving when we checked in and were hoping to order Momos safely from the menu should we not find anything else to our liking on the menu. But to our surprise we were served a delicious home cooked meal of simple dal, aloo gobhi, phulka, boiled rice and chicken curry. The manager told us that Assamese veg is fairly simple and much alike a modest North Indian meal. Their staple, apart from chicken and fish, is rice, chana dal and loads of potatoes. Information aside, we both loved the food. It was warm, simple and delicious – made me all fuzzy. I often tell Dude that there could be sometime in our lives when I could be angry at him but I can never be angry at food. It is my first love πŸ’–.

Rejoiced in the aftermath of a sumptuous meal, we met our jeep driver, Bipul, at the front gate for the jeep safari in the western region of the national park. The road to the western range is adorned with tea plantations and towering mountains covered the forest fauna. The national park, per the information collected from the forest department officials and local guides, brims with close to 1100 one-horned rhinoceroses, 840 tigers and many numbers of elephants, Indian buffalo bubalis, wild boar, four different species of deer and various species of migratory birds. There’s a beautiful lake that adds to the serenity of the landscape. Beyond the silent water, we saw counts of animals grazing the lushest grounds I have seen.

Being in the most almost-eastern part of the country and the winter still aiming for the exit gate, the night and the temperature falls fast here. It was dark by 17:30 hours and I was hiding my face from the cool blows of the air on our way back to the lodge. It was time for some tea for Dude & coffee for Me, to go along with pakoras. And then we slept. Napped, actually; followed by dinner, dessert (special mention) and bonfire. And then slept, finally, again. 😜

Earliest for us, at 05:30AM, next morning, we took off for an elephant ride in the western range. Bipul dropped is at the ticket counter and 200 meters ahead thereon, Dude and I side saddled our mammal. For an hour we swayed in the wild, enjoying the proximity to the wildlife, taking the beautiful fauna from our eyes and smiling at the silent melody of the environment. It was WOW☺️.

Leaving that impression on our mind for a very long time hence, we checked out to our next stop which will be covered in the next post. 😊

Meanwhile you can check out our Kaziranga pictures at our Facebook page: G&G

Until next time… good night!


(Garima & Govil)

#Day 231 of 231

After days of successes and failures, the 231 days come to and end and so does the year 2017. Net weight loss – 5kg out of the target 20. I am at a positive deficit. Also, the one important lesson I carry forward to 2018 is that whenever I excuse myself saying I can not do this/that, I will poke myself with a “why?”, and then a “why?” again and once again… until I force myself to believe that I can and all those were just excuses.

2017 is beheld in me for a lifetime – it’s memories flowing like a current of fresh water within me, sweeping me off my grounds into a new life. This is my last New Year celebration at my house. Even the smallest of things seem overwhelming. There’s a slight nervousness inclusive to my happiness. I want to be excited about life with Dude in 2018 and beyond, but I am restrained by the chains of my childhood, teenage, growing up and through till date with Mom, D and BB. I am in double minds on what to feel.

2017 has been brilliant and super exciting –

Jan 2017 – Dude & I realised how much we wanted to be together;

Mar 2017 – I bent the knee & he said “yes” πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Jun 2017 – we got roko-fied

Jul 2017 – we picked our rings πŸ’πŸ’

Sept 2017 – my bachelorette in Goa

Nov 2017 – D & I picked my wedding dress

Dec 2017 – I am already counting 31 days until the wedding functions start

I loved the 2017 year – howsoever each day had been – hectic, stressful, Happy or fun. The bigger picture is painted interesting and looks adventurous. I am happy and thankful for it.

Anticipating and preparing for another joyous exciting year – 2018.


#Day 220 of 231

I haven’t felt like posting anything in a long long time. 20 days to be precise. Call it an excuse or a reason – I wasn’t upto the mental speed. Circumstances (which per the Bollywood definition mostly highlight a tough note to the real life situation), suffocating work life and more than ever me fidgeting my way out of all. I haven’t been to the gym in 10 days. My spirit went out for a stroll to feel the holidays before I could move out of my mess πŸ™„.

I am desperately waiting for this weekend and maybe then I shall breathe free. I sincerely hope so.

I have so missed reading and blogging in this time – it was like a part of me was a miss. But without my spirit I just couldn’t. Finally, I can see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. And I mean to reach that end asap. In less than two months I will set off for a different and new experience. Combine my happiness with a bit of nerves and you would imagine how pumped I am. Approximately, in another 7 weeks I will see through my transition from Miss to Mrs. The thought spins my heart – it’s a big deal. But I am very happy. I have Dude with me.

To update you, I had gained a lot of weight back in the last 25 days. Out of that, I managed to reduce some through sensible eating mostly. As I say, it’s an everyday effort. There’s no start stop button to Diet or healthy living. It’s a way of life and I am glad I took it up. It saves me every time I miss the track.

Ohh I missed this place. It’s so good to be back.


#Day 199 of 231

I am back to my home based diet. After all the contemporary effective diets, I am finally back to my home food, that I missed the most during this time. My body has pretty much forgotten how to metabolise it, is giving me troubles; but mom says it will get back in shape. The last reported 5kg gain is really annoying me. After all the efforts put, the flab is quite frustrating and unacceptable – especially now when the wedding is so near.

But no worries, I will get this genie back in the bag. I know.

At least I am happy now – back to my staples. Putting to use what all I learnt these 6 months. I am confident this time. I am not even listening to my critics. I am sticking to the good I know and the better I learnt to reach where I destine.



#Day 196 of 231

I left Keto and gained 5kgs back – back to pre keto era. Irony of my life is that though we have almost 6 months of scorching hot summers, I sweat a lot too; but nothing affects the fat under my epidermis. πŸ™„ And all this time, science said that fat melts in heat. Blah!!!

Nonetheless, it’s a heart WARNING fact that carbs isn’t a friend to me. Bbye potatoes, rice and all the starchy things around. 😩

Sensitivity to diet is a lifestyle I adopt. I may eat fat but carbs is a no! Fitness is not to be compromised now or ever.

Tomorrow is legs day!


#Day 194 of 231

What do I write? I am at loss of thoughts today. Time flies fast. It’s almost a journey done – few more days left to go and call out the roads end. It’s exciting and I am nervous all at the same time.

6 months after, I am no more shy of cardio, my stamina is so much better, my body is toned – all this and I am still not slim. But tonight, I am not shy of that. I never thought if I’d even do this all seriously. I am happy that I took up so many new steps to work on my health and am even surprised that I pulled those off better than what I had actually expected. Now I am even more watchful of my diet and my health.

It’s a very good change and I like it.

These 6 months have not been a total failure. I have learnt a lot and I have adapted a lot. I await the time now when I will reach my ideal weight and a perfect health goal.




#Day 191 of 231

Finished another major project last night. Today I was anti-work. Not only me but my laptop too refused to work; it wouldn’t start. I did some basic cardio too at the gym today. Another thing that happened, was as I have started eating carbs, I feel bloated throughout the day and then it is difficult to eat anything else through the day. So I checked again with my keto group. They said that carbs now will bloat me bcz the body the used to digesting proteins and fat. The bloat is a worse feeling, by the way.

So I will continue to cut my carbs through the day and stick to proteins and fat majorly in my diet. I am not a fan of the bloat anyway.